I read with interest the article in the Journal about The Dog’s Trust capacity.

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I, along with about 20 other people I have spoken to, all tried to rehome a dog from the Trust but were turned down.

These were all responsible owners who had many years experience of owning a pet but were not given any reason for the decisions.

My border collie died aged 13 in January 2021 and around late March or April I applied to the Trust to rehome a seven-year-old collie.

I am very familiar with the breed and am a member of a Dog Obedience Team and would take any dog I re-homed for training by our behaviourist.

I also stated that as I was retired and in all day I would be able to give a dog all the attention required. I thought I met all the criteria but was not successful and the dog I had applied for was still on the website several months later.

I always supported the Trust with donations when I could but this experience and that of others has put me off recommending them to anyone seeking a pet.

In fact all the people I spoke to had resorted to applying to centres bringing in dogs from abroad and in most instances were successful as these centres were happy to engage and help in any way possible.

Dorothy Graham


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