A MOTHER who naturally conceived triplets has finally brought them home after they spent six weeks in intensive care.

Chantelle Sims, of Gosling Road in Larkhill, went on a "rollercoaster of emotion" during her pregnancy after being told she was going to miscarry a single baby to then find out she would actually be giving birth to three.

The 24-year-old found out that she would be having an ectopic pregnancy in February, 2023, but nothing prepared her for triplets.

She told the Journal: "You don't know what to feel, one minute you're happy and excited then you're not.

"There's not one right way to feel but there's also not enough support and awareness for people in this situation."

Brody, Archie and Albie were born on August 18 in Salisbury District Hospital, 10 weeks before they were due, to complete the family of seven, which also includes husband Mason, 25, and brothers Jenson, 7, and Reggie, 2.

Salisbury Journal: The Sims family are glad to be home together.The Sims family are glad to be home together. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

But Chantelle said complications arose shortly after her children were born and they were taken to Poole Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) since Salisbury's was full.

Archie was then transferred to Southampton Hospital because he had a hole in his bowel and spent two weeks in intensive care, separated from his brothers.

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Chantelle and Mason were doing four-and-a-half-hour round trips to visit their children before Brody and Albie were taken back to Salisbury District Hospital, one week later. 

"NICU is a journey on its own. They were hooked up to machines and it wasn't nice to see them in incubators," Chantelle said.

Salisbury Journal: Brody, Archie and Albie were born 10 weeks before their due date.Brody, Archie and Albie were born 10 weeks before their due date. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Six weeks later, the couple brought their triplets home to Larkhill on Mason's 25th birthday, October 2, which felt "surreal" because it had been a "long time coming".

The babies had to meet a criteria before the hospital could release them and Mason said it felt like "taking one step forward and two steps back".

After finding out they would be having three new children instead of just one, the pair bought a new car and moved into a bigger house just two days before Chantelle went into labour.

Salisbury Journal: Chantelle's mother Lynette helped look after Jenson and Reggie.Chantelle's mother Lynette helped look after Jenson and Reggie. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Lynette Clements, Chantelle's mother, helped with the move and planned to stay for a week but ended up staying for a month to take care of the two other children.

Chantelle wanted to thank the staff at Salisbury District Hospital for the care she received. She said: "I can't fault Salisbury Hospital at all. They were very attentive to everything."

Since they were discharged, Brody, Archie and Albie have been in good health.