Bus passengers in Salisbury will continue to be able to travel on any single journey for £2, after an announcement that the fare cap will again be extended.

Salisbury Reds signed up to the Department for Transport (DfT) initiative - which restricts the cost of a single ticket - at the beginning of the year. An essential part of the government’s Help for Households scheme, the fare cap was originally set to end on Friday, March 31, but was extended to Friday, June 30. It was then extended again to October 31.

The cap is now being extended again for a third time, with Salisbury Reds planning to maintain the cap for the remainder of the year.

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Salisbury Reds managing director Andrew Wickham said: “I am pleased to announce that Salisbury Reds will continue to offer the £2 fare cap - in line with the government’s announcement that the initiative will be extended.

“We expect the cap to continue until at least Sunday, December 31, and this will allow us to carry on providing low-cost bus travel. It will also help to protect many routes relied upon by local people.

“Our aim is for people to change their travel habits, so they opt for the bus and other sustainable methods of travel instead of using their own vehicles to travel across the region. With one fully-loaded double-decker bus having the potential to take up to 75 cars off the road, this is an excellent opportunity to reduce congestion in and around Salisbury.”