May I offer an answer to your recent correspondence on the wisdom of our Prime Minister’s recent decisions on the energy sector.

Firstly it is most welcome that we have a leader capable of rational thought on putting time limits on when we can achieve Net Zero (if ever).

Theresa May still boasts that she was the person who signed the UK up to the 2050 agreement.

Mr and Mrs Johnson had to go one better and make that as close as 2030 or 35.

Currently, like it or like it not we rely on oil and gas until we can find a suitable long-term replacement and windmills and mirrors are not a realistic replacement.

As we rely on oil it makes sense that we exploit that which lies below us even if it is put into the international coffers before we get any benefit from it.

We have only had relatively accurate global temperature measurements (from satellite data) since 1979. Currently, the temperature rises are in the range of 0.14C per ten years (decade).

The end of the world is not staring us in the face it is in the mass hysteria hyped up by various media.

Robin Wrigley

Verne Road, Verwood

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