In writing of the wisdom of the Prime Minister’s recent decisions about delaying changes in the energy sector, Mr Wrigley does not mention a number of issues which lead me to believe that this is a terrible error of judgement on the part of our Government.

Delaying a series of key climate targets puts a nail in the coffin of the UK being a global leader in tackling the pollution of our planet.

It leads to the UK failing to meet its legal obligations under the Paris Agreement.

It also flies in the face of wide reaching research used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the government’s own advisory Committee on Climate Change urging immediate action to end fossil fuel (oil and gas) exploration and use.

What Mr Wrigley calls the end of the world being “in the mass hysteria hyped up by various media”, is in fact a very well researched and widely respected understanding that a really rapid transition to clean energy is needed to secure a liveable future.

It will reduce fuel costs, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and as the chair of the Committee on Climate Change has written to the Prime Minister, “Delay is not an option”.

Mandy Greenwood

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