We have witnessed the government’s wholehearted and unshaken support for Israel in the wake of the shocking and regrettable attack by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians, killing 1,300.

We prepared ourselves for what follows in retaliation – a heavy handed and disproportionate bombing and killing of innocent Palestinians.

The list of Palestinian casualties as of 16 October, is as follows: 1000 dead children, 2,750 deaths in total, 9,700 wounded, 1 million civilians displaced and no basic supplies.

The difference this time around is that the tide of world opinion is changing and people are no longer seeing things as black and white, i.e. Israel as the good guys and Palestinians the baddies.

People are no longer dependent on government propaganda for our news. The internet provides us with access to the truth and the outcry against Israeli brutality and war crimes on social media has changed the public’s perception. 

Governments around the world are calling out the genocide we are witnessing in Palestine.

This has thankfully, had the effect of reigning in the very worst of Israeli retaliation, and Palestinians have been given limited time to evacuate, although at times, it is directly into the path of yet another bombardment.

This is a complex and lengthy conflict with blame and suffering on both sides. This is why I believe that our council has made the right decision. We cannot fly the flag of one nation in solidarity.

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