A DOG rescue charity has refused to rehome XL Bully-type dogs ahead of a looming government ban.

Dogs Trust Salisbury told the Journal it is not rehoming any dogs that could be classified as an XL Bully until further guidance is issued from the government.

The charity also said it has had more calls from American Bully XL-type dog owners since the prime minister announced his intentions to impose a ban.

Some owners have been seeking clarity on what the ban means whereas others have considered rehoming their dogs.

Salisbury Journal: Dogs Trust Salisbury Rehoming Centre in Newton Tony.Dogs Trust Salisbury Rehoming Centre in Newton Tony. (Image: Archive)

A spokesperson for the Dogs Trust said the charity is urging American Bully XL owners to "stay calm and not panic".

They added: "The government has confirmed there will be a transition period before the ban comes into effect, so we are doing all we can to support owners.

"This includes providing behaviour advice through our Behaviour Support Line and signposting callers to our website for advice and guidance pages where we offer specific advice including online training tips."

Specialist muzzle training for dogs affected by the ban will be offered to help owners comply with new restrictions when they come into force.

Talks of the ban come after 52-year-old Ian Price was mauled to death in Staffordshire by two dogs police believe were XL Bullies.