A WOMAN who assaulted four emergency workers has been sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work.

Elizabeth Vesikula, 25, of Delhi Barracks in Tidworth, assaulted Emma Anderson in Swindon on August 18 before going on to assault four emergency workers.

Vesikula assaulted PC Mair Pugh, PC Jessica Terrett, PC Charley Wilmott and PC Jonathan Dean by beating them.

Salisbury Magistrates Court gave her a 12-month community order with a requirement of 150 hours of unpaid work, completing five rehabilitation days, and ordered her to pay a £114 surcharge.

The defendant must pay a further £100 in compensation to four of the victims.

Magistrates did not award any compensation to PC Charley Wilmott because "there is no loss or damage" since the spit that landed on their arm "was a bounce off from the attack on another person and not a deliberate spit".