AN ALTERNATIVE pop band from Salisbury is releasing an inspiring music track to raise awareness about the emotional impact of miscarriage. 

Musician and songwriter Cameron Walker with the band Love is Enough experienced the emotional loss when his wife Nicole suffered an early miscarriage in 2021. The couple were both devastated. 

Cameron admitted that the experience was made worse due to it happening during lockdown as he was unable to support her at the hospital and they faced the distressing news alone. The isolation compounded the emotional loss.

Cameron said: “Whilst I can only imagine what my wife was going through, particularly facing this terrible time alone, I felt that I was unable to really grieve for the loss of my child as I needed to be strong and support my distressed wife.

“The emotions that men suffer when facing the trauma of a miscarriage are often much overlooked.”

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Cameron said: “Although, it is quite right that women should receive the bulk of support when suffering from a miscarriage, men, who are often their own worst enemies when discussing emotions, should also be encouraged to talk about how they feel.

“Their pain is just as valid. Miscarriage should not be a taboo subject and there should be more knowledge and support for partners.  It can be a very lonely time.”

Cameron was able to express his feelings through writing songs and lyrics.

He said: “I really wanted to show others that whilst at the time you feel like you have no future and your time will never come, that there is always hope.”

From their sadness, a new single '1 in 4' was written and recorded. The title is significant as it relates to the number of women that suffer a miscarriage.

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Cameron and Nicole now have a son called Atticus who was born in 2022 but Cameron wants to raise funds for miscarriage awareness.  A fund-raising event with music and an auction is being planned along with his fellow band members Thor Porter and Ben Whatsley. 

He said: “I would love to be able to help others and raise awareness for the improved support that couples and partners should be able to receive.”

The single and event has has already gained enthusiastic response from potential sponsors including the local radio station 'Salisbury Radio’.

Andy Munns from Salisbury Radio has also experienced the emotional devastation of a miscarriage with his wife. 

He said: “1 in 4 absolutely captures the emotional rollercoaster that comes with miscarriage. My wife, Hannah, and I have sadly been through it twice. I felt utterly helpless and lost, unsure if I could help make her feel better about the situation. Talking helps.

The single is being released on Friday, October 27 October and there is also a Just Giving page with funds being donated to the Miscarriage Association.