THESE planning applications have been submitted to Wiltshire Council between October 16 and 22.


PL/2023/08720 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: Beacon Way, Amesbury Road, Cholderton, Salisbury, SP4 0ER.

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 relating to planning application PL/2023/02747 to substitute drawing(s).


PL/2023/08628 - Full Planning Permission. Address: land adjacent East Farm Cottages , Sandhills Road, Dinton, Salisbury, SP3 5EP.

Proposal: Extension to an agricultural barn for storage of agricultural machinery and materials.


PL/2023/08703 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Land To The West Of Great Durnford Estate, Great Durnford, SP4 6AZ.

Proposal: Demolition of existing building and the conversion of one building to create a detached dwelling (Use Class C3), hard and soft landscaping and associated works.


PL/2023/08942 - Advertisement Consent. Address: One Stop, Stonehenge Retail Park, The Packway, Larkhil, SP4 8PZ.

Proposal: Proposed Fascia, ATM Sign, ATM Clip Frame, Poster Cases (Resubmission of PL/2022/09088).

PL/2023/08574 - Advertisement Consent. Address: Unit 1, The Packyway, Larkhill, SP4 8PZ.

Proposal: 1no. externally illuminated fascia.


PL/2023/08621 - Householder Application. Address: 116 High Street, Netheravon, Salisbury, SP4 9QP.

Proposal: Installation of PV solar panels on existing modern garage within the curtilage of 116 High Street, Netheravon.


PL/2023/08712 - Householder Application. Address: Sunnyside, Nunton Drove, Nunton, Salisbury SP5 4HZ.

Proposal: Alterations to provide two bedrooms to new roof space, alterations to windows and doors.


PL/2023/08557 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Riverside Childrens Resource Centre, 29 Churchfields Road, Salisbury, SP2 7NH.

Proposal: Conversion of Riverside House to 3 x dwellings, demolition of existing building, erection of fourteen dwellings, hard and soft landscaping and associated works.


PL/2023/08923 - Householder Application. Address: Oakfield, Furlong Way, Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4DY.

Proposal: Single storey side extension and addition of glazed lantern and bay window replacement, and erection of open timber car port with electric charging point.

PL/2023/08710 - Householder Application. Address: 4 Shrewton Lodge Cottages, London Road, Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4DW.

Proposal: Extending the existing front porch by 685mm on the side, so as to centre the porch to the house, re-using the same red bricks. Moving the existing side door steps to the front of the porch. Replacing and moving the existing side door to the front as the main front door. Replacing the broken front window with a small side window matching the ones with the rest of the house. Re-working the existing Porch roof into a gable roof, using the same roof tiles.

PL/2023/08526 - Householder Application. Address: 11 Meadway, Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4HE.

Proposal: Conversion of existing garage into living accommodation and erection of new garage.

West Tisbury

PL/2023/08916 - Householder Application. Address: 9 Bilhay Cottages, Semley, Shaftesbury, SP7 9BP.

Proposal: Proposed extensions to the rear of the existing property, and alterations to the existing dwelling.

Wilsford cum Lake

PL/2023/08661 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Westfield Farm, Upper Woodford, Salisbury, SP4 6PG.

Proposal: Conversion of cattle barn to grain store with associated alterations; Location of external grain handling/ drying equipment adjacent to south-west elevation; Location of generator.


PL/2023/09129 - Householder Application. Address: The Hollows, Lower Woodford, Salisbury, SP4 6NJ.

Proposal: Single storey rear extension & associated internal alterations.