A lot of people are believing what they’re reading in the papers about the Gaza conflict, simplistic headlines designed to enrage the reader, divide society and ultimately, sell more papers and peddle government propaganda.

The headlines scream of ‘Muslim jihadists’, ‘Antisemitism’, ‘Israel pounds Gaza’. The government talks about its support for Israel’s actions, about stemming the rise of antisemitism, criticism of the pro-Palestinian protests and of wiping out Hamas.

It’s time to debunk a lot of myths and misconceptions. Firstly, not all Jews support the Zionists and the state of Israel. They are known as Anti-Zionist Jews. If you seek out the real news, you would have seen them protesting in the pro-Palestinian marches around the world, including Jerusalem, calling for a ceasefire against the massacre of innocent Palestinian civilians.

Secondly, supporting Palestinians’ human rights and calling for an end to the war crimes being committed in Gaza by the Zionist Israelis, does not mean that a person supports Hamas and the crimes it committed. It also does not make a person antisemitic, nor does it make them a Jihadist.

Finally, the term ‘Jihad’ does not mean killing non-Muslims. It is an Arabic word which literally means "striving" or "struggling", especially with a praiseworthy aim.

It’s important that we aren’t guided by newspaper headlines to pick a side, which can then quickly lead to hatred towards Muslims or Jews. This would be very wrong. As human beings, we must condemn the killing of innocent civilians, whatever their nationality.

Mrs Wise

Highbury Avenue,