HELPING women to be comfortable in their own bodies is the aim of one Salisbury resident.

Samantha Garstin is a menstrual wellness educator and she set up her business in 2019 with a vision of helping women understand their cycles and honour their natural energy fluctuations.

She said: “I am on a mission to help women to unravel the mysteries of their cyclical nature. They can feel liberated.”

Salisbury Journal: Samantha GarstinSamantha Garstin (Image: Samantha Garstin)

Samantha provides menstrual wellness workshops to progressive companies to elevate company culture. Hormonal fluctuations occur through an average cycle of 28 days, and this has an impact every day which can impact businesses.

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According to Samantha, an average of 8.4 days is lost each year by each woman to UK businesses which accounts for a loss of £673 in earnings. By investing in women's health, there is enhanced workplace productivity, and the attraction and retention of valuable employees. 

Samantha said: “When companies prioritise their employees, it helps to create an environment that staff enjoy and don’t want to leave.”

In addition to wellness workshops, she runs Roots & Rise which delivers a yoga practice to help women connect with the natural ebb and flow of each cycle phase and that if women go against their natural rhythm, it can lead to tension in the body.

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Samantha said: “Everyone’s cycle is different. Some women might experience polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, or be taking birth control or have entered menopause. Helping to track different moods can make it easier.”

She provides one-to-one menstrual mentoring, workshops and training for leaders and managers. She also holds period parties for girls.  

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