ANOTHER driver has crashed at a new roundabout within just three days of a previous incident that saw a man crash into an advertising board.

A Wren Kitchens lorry driver drove straight over a newly-built roundabout on Netherhampton Road, near Wilton Gate, at around 4am this morning (October 25).

It comes just days after 34-year-old Daniel Howell crashed his car after swerving off the roundabout on Monday night.

Residents have called upon Vistry Homes to install prominent signage and turn on its temporary wheeled floodlights at night so that drivers are aware of the roundabout and future crashes can be avoided.

Salisbury Journal: The roundabout was build as part of the Wilton Gate development.The roundabout was build as part of the Wilton Gate development. (Image: Mark Sines)

The lorry driver was reportedly travelling at the speed limit of the road, 50 miles per hour, before the crash.

It is unknown whether the driver suffered injuries but it caused traffic to build up along Netherhampton Road.

Cllr Annie Riddle, for the Harnham West ward, said: "I have written today to Wiltshire Council highways officers asking them to look into the potential hazards at this site.

"Even though I drive this road regularly myself, I was taken aback by it and had to break quite sharply."

Wren Kitchens has been contacted for comment.

Vistry Homes have been approached twice by the Journal but has not responded.

More information has also been requested from the police.