Salisbury Reds is urging bus passengers in more rural parts of the region to ensure drivers can see them when they are waiting at unlit stops.

As winter approaches, and with the clocks going back on Sunday, October 29, more journeys will be made in the dark - and the local operator is keen to ensure drivers can see those wishing to board. 

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Nikki Honer, Salisbury Reds head of communications, said: “Not all bus stops in this region are lit - especially those in more rural areas. Anyone wearing dark clothes and standing still whilst waiting for their bus may not be seen. 

“We are asking people to help our drivers at these unlit stops to see them, by shining a light onto the road, and gradually rotating it as the bus approaches - being careful not to shine it into our driver’s eyes. 

“Many people have a torch on their phones, but we understand if not everybody is able to make themselves seen. Our drivers will still pay extra attention to help ensure customers are able to board during the darker mornings and evenings.”