Pedestrianisation and reduction of car use is no less controversial in Salisbury than in other parts of the country.

But what would Salisbury streets actually look like without cars?

To help answer this question, AI has come to the rescue.

The Dutch government has created a website that can transform any street into a Dutch-style street prioritising cycle and foot traffic.

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Gone are the cars, buses and lorries on Blue Boar Row, Silver Street, and New Canal, replaced with pedestrians, cyclists, flowers and greenery.


The last street to be permanently pedestrianised in Salisbury was Queen Street, which was closed off to vehicles in May 2022.

In November 2020, a controversial scheme to establish the entirety of the city centre as a low-traffic zone was met unfavourably by residents and businesses, leading to the resignation of the then leader of the city council Jeremy Nettle.

Cllr Nettle also planned to propose car-free days in the city centre for market days and special events in November 2022. Time constraints at the city council meeting that month prevented the proposal from being discussed.