AN 'oppressive' stalker who wanted his ex-girlfriend to be his wife sent her 1,900 emails in five months.

Between 11.40am and 6.14pm on June 20, 2023, Benjamin Mortimer, 27, sent his ex-girlfriend 75 emails, roughly one every six minutes.

This was one instance in a five-month course of harassment that amounted to stalking which Mortimer, of Davies Road in Longhedge, was found guilty of at Salisbury Magistrates Court on Monday, October 30.

The "obsessive" barrage of emails that littered the victim's spam folder left her feeling "shocked and scared".

"Some were quite disgusting, threatening, sexual and persuasive. They were hard to understand, scary and strange. He was talking about raping and my daughter too," she told the court from behind a protective screen.

Salisbury Journal: Mortimer was found guilty of stalking his ex-girlfriend.Mortimer was found guilty of stalking his ex-girlfriend. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Roughly nine months after entering into a relationship, the victim broke up with Mortimer in December 2021 but the court heard how he "did not take no for an answer".

Prosecutor David Fosler said the pair stayed in touch and the relationship picked back up in the early months of 2022.

Fast forward to November 2022, they met up as the victim was "trying to officially break up with him" but she claimed she could not get rid of him and "something horrible happened".

The victim blocked her ex-boyfriend, reported him to Wiltshire Police and officers told Mortimer to stop contacting her on June 29, 2023.

Mortimer, who appeared in court unrepresented and offered no evidence to support his case, carried on emailing his ex and was arrested on July 10 for harassment and bailed on the condition he would not contact the victim. But he continued.

On July 14, the victim received a "threatening" Facebook message from an unknown person which made it clear to her that Mortimer had been researching her personal life.

"His mum tried to intervene and speak to me on the telephone. She became distressed and she felt pressured by him," she told the court.

Mortimer said: "My mother contacted her because I really loved her a lot. I was crying like a girl."

From March 1 to August 25, Mortimer sent the victim 1,900 emails which he ought to have known amounted to harassment.

Salisbury Journal: Mortimer outside Salisbury Magistrates Court.Mortimer outside Salisbury Magistrates Court. (Image: Salisbury Journal)


When he was cross-examined by Mr Fosler, Mortimer admitted the messages were oppressive, that he had a fixation on the victim and that he wanted her to be his wife.

Mortimer said he was trying to warn his ex-girlfriend about her new partner.

"I feel like I'm not guilty because I was giving her a heads up that something bad could have happened to her," he argued.

The victim told the court she suffers recurring nightmares of Mortimer trapping her which she claimed is based on real events.

"It's a part of my life that I want to be over," she added.

Mortimer has previously been convicted of violence and sexual assault offences. He stalked the victim while he was on conditional bail and serving a community order.

Magistrates found Mortimer guilty of stalking without fear, alarm or distress and he will be sentenced on December 18.