AN AUTHOR inspired by a 1960s band published a book detailing the band’s progress all the way to the big time, now plans to write his second book with 'a little help' from Salisbury residents.

For fans of the Beatles, Author Simon Hurford's book “There’s a Place” has chapters on all four of the band members, and it includes manager Brian Epstein. The book covers the early gigs in Salisbury as well as in Liverpool and Hamburg.

Back in March 2021, Simon Hurford had an article published in the Journal asking readers to contact him with their stories or memories of the Beatles so he could add the stories to his book. In particular, he had been interested to hear from people who had seen the Beatles perform at the City Hall on June 15, 1963. 

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Salisbury Journal: There's A Place book There's A Place book (Image: Simon Hurford)

Simon said: “The main features of the book are the west country concerts between 1962 and 1965 but it covers the one-off concert in Salisbury as well as the filming of 'Help' which took place on Salisbury Plain."

He added: “There was no lack of incident at any of these venues and there are some amazing stories from contributors and 90 photos of cuttings, flyers, posters, and memorabilia. One chapter is dedicated to readers views on the Beatles legacy.”

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Simon plans to write a second book about the pop scene in Salisbury from 1958-1980. As before, he is hoping that music lovers in the area will be able to help. If anyone was performing in a band at that time, or is  knowledgeable about the music scene, they may be able to help.  

He said: If anyone has seen any artists at The Gaumont, City Hall or Alex Disco, please email stories and opinions, good, bad, or ugly.”

Simon can be contacted by email: