A STRANGE-looking vehicle was seen driving through the Millstream at The Maltings yesterday. 

The aptly-named 'Spider Excavator' is used to add material in to move material from different areas within the river. It is able to cope with any terrain including steep slopes, and can work in and out of water.  

Salisbury River Park Project Lead, Andy Wallis said: "It is an amazing bit of kit. Each of the wheels can be operated independently and legs adjusted to vary the width and height of the machine. The current work in the River Avon will help to maintain the velocity of the water. It keeps the gravel clean.

"The work taking place today is the end of the Millstream work and will be completely finished by the end of the week. Only some minor work on the weir hatches remain."

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The path which has been blocked to people alongside the millstream will be opened by the end of the week. 

Work on this phase of the project is due to be completed by the end of the year.  

The city will have gained many benefits as a result including a reduction in flood risk to residents and businesses in central Salisbury, Ashley Road and on  The Maltings and Central Car Park sites. Plus residents will benefit from the new improved public spaces. 

The whole of the city will benefit from greater climate change resistance.