A WOMAN has said she is "lucky to be alive" after a tree branch fell onto her car in The Avenue as Storm Ciarán continues to sweep through Salisbury.

Dawn Gilbert, 38, had just dropped her children at school and was heading to her job as a nanny in Wilton, when a tree branch "fell out of the sky" and struck her Volkswagen, crushing the bonnet and "completely writing it off".

Irreparable damage was caused to the car, but Dawn is grateful as she believes the incident could have been a lot worse.

"I'm lucky to be alive", Dawn told the Journal.

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"It was terrifying. You just don't expect it to fall out of the sky like that.Salisbury Journal: Dawn Gilbert's car was struck by a tree branch during Storm CiaránDawn Gilbert's car was struck by a tree branch during Storm Ciarán (Image: Dawn Gilbert)

"I was driving and a tree branch just falls from the sky onto my car."

"It's an absolute miracle it didn't go through the windscreen."

Dawn, who lives in Salisbury, told the Journal that "bits of tree went all over the road", and while some "lovely people" stopped to help clear it away, "no one checked if I was alright."Salisbury Journal: Dawn, pictured with her German Pointer, ArthurDawn, pictured with her German Pointer, Arthur (Image: Dawn Gilbert)

"A lady stopped to help me, she was absolutely brilliant, but loads of others just drove past, probably on their way to work, and it was quite dangerous how they just went past."

"It wasn't even that windy, I think the weather throughout the night must have weakened the tree, I was able to brake hard so it didn't damage more of the car.

"I'm so lucky it didn't happen when I had my kids in the car, and I work as a nanny so it's a miracle it didn't happen when I was looking after those children.

"I want to urge people to not go out, please don't go out unless you really have to."

Dawn said she was "terrified" and "really shaken up", she also told the Journal "I have pain in my back from where I braked so hard."Salisbury Journal: Dawn's VW was written off Dawn's VW was written off (Image: Dawn Gilbert)

Dawn was unable to go to work after the incident and left her car in the nearby cemetery, where it is due to be collected by a recovery vehicle.

She added: "I just hope no one else gets hurt."

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind and rain in Salisbury.

The current forecast at the time of writing says that the city will be hit by 44mph winds later in the afternoon. 

In nearby Fordingbridge, huge floods have meant that residents are unable to leave their own homes.

Cars have broken down and some individuals have resorted to unconventional means of getting around, including paddleboarding.

You can find live updates HERE.