A NEW councillor will represent Harnham West in Salisbury City Council as the Liberal Democrats celebrate a "stonking result".

Councillor Ted Last, 82, received 497 votes, a landslide victory when compared to Anita Goddard, Labour, with 206 votes and Peter Jolyon Ellis Matthews, Green Party, who got 175 votes.

The vote to find a new Harnham West councillor took place on Thursday, November 3.

Cllr Last has lived in Salisbury for five years, he told the Journal: "I'm pleased with the result. We should all be working together rather than being divisive. 

"I see my role as representing the residents of Harnham as a priority. I'm grateful to the voters for putting their trust in me to make a positive impact on the area and Salisbury as a whole."

Salisbury Journal: Cllr Last won the by-election by 291 votes.Cllr Last won the by-election by 291 votes. (Image: Liberal Democrats)

Salisbury City councillor Victoria Charleston, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: "This result in Harnham echoes what we are seeing up and down the country: people are looking to the Liberal Democrats for change.

"The Conservatives are abandoning Salisbury and this stonking result confirms that the Lib Dems are here and ready to deliver for residents."

Comparatively, the last Harnham West by-election on July 14 saw Conservative Eleanor Elisabeth Wills join the council with 457 votes and Cllr Last secured 424 votes.

'Delivering services rather than political and environmental dogma'

The by-election came after former Cllr Eleanor Wills resigned "without regrets" in August to join her new boyfriend in Swindon.

But no one from the Conservative party stood in the most recent by-election.

When the Journal asked Conservative Cllr Sven Hocking why this was the case, he said: "In short, we are looking for the right person to stand in the next local elections proper, rather than rush into a by-election which, whatever the result, won’t make any change to the Administration of the City. 

"In May 2025, Harnham West will have the opportunity to vote for Conservative candidates who will get a grip on the tax and spend profligacy of the current Leadership and who will be focussing on delivering the services requested by residents, rather than political and environmental dogma dictated by taxpayer-funded consultants."

A spokesperson for Salisbury City Council said: "The officers at Salisbury City Council would like to congratulate Cllr Last and are looking forward to working with him in the future."