SALISBURY City Council is recruiting a new clerk to oversee the parish and they could be paid upwards of £80k.

The vacancy comes after the former city clerk Annie Child resigned and left the council on Thursday, September 21.

Advertised as a 'Chief Executive Officer', the role would have the applicant make financial decisions, execute policy and lead the council operationally.

Salisbury City Council said it has a budget of £7m to serve a population of 45k people and a workforce of nearly 100 permanent members of staff, alongside casual workers and a volunteer group.

The city clerk's salary is advertised as ranging between £67,756 to £81,069 per annum to work 37 hours per week.

How much did the last clerk earn?

A Freedom of Information request by  the Journal revealed that former clerk Annie Child earned £79,120 between April 2022 and March 31, 2023.

She was then given a £2,920 annual pay rise in 2021, £3,118 the year after and £3,825 most recently.

A spokesperson for the city council said: "As the CEO, you will uphold the time-honoured role of the City Clerk, respecting and preserving the rich heritage of our city.

"Simultaneously, you will be a key stakeholder in leading the City’s evolution, embracing modern cultural shifts, and guiding its growth."

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