I read with interest that the Royal Mail delivery office is to move from Fisherton Street to Churchfields.

I say this as the current delivery office appears incapable of meeting its delivery targets.

Parts of Harnham, and I believe elsewhere in Salisbury, have no daily mail deliveries for periods of up to two weeks, despite individuals knowing that they have items somewhere in the postal system.

This has particularly been the case during the summer months when some postal staff will have been away on holiday.

I went through a laborious system of complaining to Royal Mail in summer 2022 and was eventually told that the problem was due to staff shortages and the length of time it took to vet new applicants.

The final email from Royal Mail informed me that staff had now been recruited and the problem had been resolved.  

Daily deliveries resumed for a few months but have recently gone back to being most unreliable.  

For example, I've now been waiting over two weeks for at least five items to be delivered including a bank card and three weekly magazines.

I'd be interested to know if any other readers are having the same problem. 

 In addition, perhaps the delivery office manager would like to comment on the poor service currently being provided. 

I note with some satisfaction that it was announced today (Monday) that Royal Mail has been fined £5.6m for missing delivery targets!

Major Tony Barnes 

Harnham Road, Salisbury