VETERANS living on a campus in Wilton took part in the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Salisbury laying a wreath at the war memorial.

Entrain Space in Wilton helps veterans or those who are leaving the military to transition into civilian life. There are 44 serviced flats with access to a training suite and it enables those who are planning to leave military life to adapt and embrace a fresh start.

Royal Navy Veteran Ollie Lonie laid a wreath on behalf of the Entrain Space residents and said: “It was an honour to be chosen as the representative from Entrain Space to lay the wreath, remembering fallen friends, family and colleagues and that of those who came before us.”

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Salisbury Journal: Remembrance Sunday marchRemembrance Sunday march (Image: Entrain)

Entrain Space residents were provided dedicated transport for the event by Salisbury Reds bus company who picked them up from the building at no charge and enabled the residents to attend the ceremony with ease.

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They attended the parade and subsequent church service which took place at St Thomas’s Church in the city centre and attended the reception at the Guildhall.

Entrain Space Housing and Welfare Manager, Kelli Ballinger said: “In the quiet echoes of remembrance Sunday, we honour not only the fallen but also those who, with unwavering dedication, stand beside our veterans and serving personnel, not just in memory but in the living moments of support and gratitude.”

Founded in 2019, Entrain Space is located at the former Erskine Barraks in Wilton.