A PERFORMER's love of fantasy, sci-fi, folklore, fairy tales, heroes and villains has fuelled his music giving him a fresh take on contemporary chamber pop. 

Joshua Burnell's music with its origins in folk has launched into a new direction - that of art rock which he will be showing to an audience in Salisbury soon. A multi-instrumentalist from his trademark Hammond organ and piano, he has transitioned to acoustic guitar, accordion, bass, mellotron, synths and drums. 

Burnell was the winner of the Rising Star accolade in the 2020 Folking Awards and is said to have the ability to transport listeners into a rich, retro past or into a bold, other-worldly future. An original songwriter, Burnell is known to be as unpredictable as he is accomplished. 

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In addition to performing in Salisbury, Burnell is about to embark on a tour of the UK which will include shows in Manchester, Sheffield, Middlesborough, London, Brighton, Lincoln and Newcastle. 

His album Glass Knight will be released on August 11 - the same day that he and the band make their debut at Fairport's Cropredy Convention. The band will also perform at Wickham, Folkeat and Towersey Festivals. 

Joining Joshua on stage is Kat Hurdley on violin, Nathan Greaves on electric guitar, Ed Simpson on drums, Oliver Whitehouse on bass, and Frances Sladen - who is a recording artist in her own right under the moniker ‘So Fe’ - on vocals.

The six of them offer a unique sound to captivate both the folk and wider, mainstream audiences.

Burnell will be performing at The Winchester Gate on December 2, 2023. 

Tickets can be purchased from joshuaburnell.co.uk