A NAN with a passion for educating people about mental health sold out 150 tickets in just 36 hours for this year's gala.

Lucianne Fitzgerald, 54, is hosting an emotional night to remember loved ones lost to suicide and raising awareness for mental health at Salisbury Guildhall on Saturday, November 25.

The Nan-of-nine is holding her mental health gala for the third year and the 150 tickets sold out in just 36 hours.

Speakers at the event include a Mum who lost her son to mental health, a young man who received an 'Inspirational Men Award' and a Mum battling mental health while helping her Son.

Miss Fitzgerald wants to reiterate that "men must speak out" as she has dealt with numerous families dealing with suicides this year.

"We have had so many suicides in Salisbury. The mental health waiting list for under 18s would fill Wembley Stadium six times," she said.

Salisbury Journal: Lucianne Fitzgerald has thanked everyone who makes the gala possible.Lucianne Fitzgerald has thanked everyone who makes the gala possible. (Image: Lucianne Fitzgerald)

The idea for the event came after Miss Fitzgerald's friends lost sons to suicide and she set out with the aim of highlighting the mental health support available and raising charity funds.

Beneficiaries this year include Kickstart FC and Salisbury Women's Refuge. Money earned from ticket sales, raffles and private donations go to these charities.

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Cover band The Treblemakers is waiving their fee to play on the night to bring a fun end to an emotional event.

Salisbury Journal: The Treblemakers are returning this year.The Treblemakers are returning this year. (Image: Lucianne Fitzgerald)

The gala has changed the lives of several people who told the Journal they were on the brink of crisis.

Hayley Birchall, 38, attended last year's gala and said that without it, she would not be here today.

"It was a complete eye-opener. It opened up my mind and made me feel like I could talk about how I felt," she said.

Mrs Birchall had struggled with suicidal thoughts and the gala helped her realise that part of her depression stemmed from where she was living.

Seven months ago she moved to Scotland with her husband Steve but she will be making a 12-hour trip back to Salisbury for the gala again this year.

Salisbury Journal: Steve and Hayley Birchall with friends Kayleigh and Alan Howell at last year's gala.Steve and Hayley Birchall with friends Kayleigh and Alan Howell at last year's gala. (Image: Hayley Birchall)

Miss Fitzgerald's goal is to help people and she would ultimately like to set up her own charity to hold more events.

She said: "If I can help one person that night, then I have done what I set out to do."

Although tickets for this year's gala have sold out, raffle tickets can be bought directly from Miss Fitzgerald by emailing charitygaladinner@hotmail.com.