TRAFFIC lights near the River Park development "work well" until the central car park becomes full, says the Environment Agency.

Drivers queue up within the lights and prevent people from being able to leave the car park which has caused chaotic traffic in Salisbury recently.

The Environment Agency, which is responsible for the River Park Project, said it is aware of the negative impact having two major works has on traffic in the city.

Some drivers have reported delays of up to one hour when attempting to leave the central car park due to the traffic lights.

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But the Environment Agency said these lights will remain in place until early next year and that they are "optimised to prioritise traffic leaving the car park".

Salisbury Journal: It has reportedly taken drivers up to an hour to leave the car park at busy times.It has reportedly taken drivers up to an hour to leave the car park at busy times. (Image: Journal reader)

A spokesperson for the agency said: "The traffic lights work well until the point when the car park becomes full and people end up queuing within the lights, which prevent people being able to leave the car park."

What is the solution?

The River Park Project team has been working with Wiltshire Council to find ways to improve the situation.

In the short term, additional staff will be deployed at weekends to monitor the lights and improved signage will be installed.