Two officers who gave life-saving first aid to a man who was seriously injured in an explosion have received Defence Police Federation Awards.

In September last year, PC Ryan Devenish and PC Daniel Latham responded to an incident at an MOD base in South England, where a staff member had been seriously injured in an explosion.

It could not be revealed which MOD base this was, or what caused the explosion.

PC Latham said: “The official procedure for that area is that emergency services are to assemble at a Forming Up Point. But because Ryan and I had heard there had been injuries, we turned to the onsite fire brigade and said, ‘You can stay here, but we’re going in’. Then the fire brigade came in with us.

“When we went in, the man’s colleagues were there trying to do what they could, but our first aid training meant we could provide a higher level of care for him. He had quite serious injuries: catastrophic bleeds to the face, further injuries to the face, burns, and kind of shrapnel injuries up his arms and to the chest. So we fell back on the training that we’re given for blunt and ballistic trauma.

“I predominantly dealt with the casualty and Ryan managed the scene so it was safe for me to work in. He had to take control of all the other agencies turning up.”

PC Latham and PC Devenish were the only medical response for the first 20 to 25 minutes, at which point a trauma doctor and army medic arrived.

PC Latham said: “It felt a lot longer than that, and there were times where the man’s blood pressure was dropping, his oxygen levels were dropping, he was trying to go to sleep. We were worried about him losing consciousness so we were constantly trying to keep him awake while also trying to dress all his injuries and clearing his airways.”

PC Devenish said: “Normally you’d see these types of injuries in war zones, so the training definitely kicks in; without that training you wouldn’t really know what to do.

“But I’ve had the training and I’m ex-military as well. It was really important we had a quick handover to the ambulance so they could assess the needs of that patient for lifesaving treatment.”

Eventually, an ambulance Assistant Commander, double-crewed paramedic ambulance, first response paramedic, Hazard Area Response Team and Air Ambulance arrived on scene.

PC Devenish said: “I’m happy that we managed to coordinate the response. The training just kicked in and took over, and we recognised that there was someone in need and it was a hazardous environment.

“I had an update a month or so ago and, although he has ongoing injuries, the man is in a lot better way than we thought he would be. That’s probably down to the quick response and coordination that we all managed to achieve.”

PC Latham added: “We never expected to be nominated for an award for bravery, because we just were doing what can be expected of us any day of the week when we’re on duty. It was a nice surprise.”

Eamon Keating, Chair of the Defence Police Federation, said: “Our courageous colleagues working across the country to keep the nation’s defences safe, never know what they might encounter. Sadly this incident is an example of that.

“The first support to Ryan and Daniel on this day was a military doctor, who commented on how well both officers had done in treating the victim. It highlights the professionalism, bravery and excellence of two MDP officers in what was a hazardous situation.

“We are proud of their work. They are worthy winners.”

PC Devenish and PC Latham – who are being recognised for their bravery - will attend an Awards Ceremony in Southampton on November 16, where they will be recognised.

John Glen, MP for Salisbury, said: “I wanted to take the opportunity to say congratulations and thank you to PC Ryan Devenish and PC Daniel Latham from the Ministry of Defence Police who work in my constituency and are the recipients of this year’s Defence Police Federation Bravery Award.

“Their heroism and professionalism in providing first aid in a dangerous situation – despite the risk to their own safety - saved lives, and I’m delighted that they have been recognised with this prestigious award. The Ministry of Defence Police is an incredible asset to the country, and Ryan and Daniel exemplify the dedication their officers show every single day.

“Ryan, Daniel, thank you and thank you to the Ministry of Defence Police for everything you do.”