A planning application has been approved by Wiltshire Council to revamp the exterior of The Anchor and Hope on Winchester Street.

The grade II listed pub underwent an interior transformation earlier this year after 25-year-old Reece Brown took over with a new circus-style theme.

Now the 17th century pub is set to get a fresh building colour, as well as replacement signage and lighting.

The application noted: “When selecting the signage for this listed building, consideration has been given to its historical nature in terms of the sizing and design of the new signage.”

It proposes that the signwriting of the pub’s name on the front elevation remain the same to maintain character.

It also added: “The amenity board will replace the existing signage like for like in material.

“The boards are simple so as not to detract from the features of the building.

“The colour chosen has been done so to complement the newly proposed building colour.

“Finally, the lighting, the swan neck lights will be replaced with a new, neater looking trough light to illuminate the house name without projecting as far from the building, with the flood lights being replaced like for like.”