CAMPAIGN groups concerned about the climate crisis plan to ask Salisbury residents to become "good ancestors" at their action event this month. 

Activists from Extinction Rebellion and other climate-aware groups will be joining together to ask people to make a pledge to their children, grandchildren, and the generations to come to do one or two things that could make a difference.

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Organiser and member of Extinction Rebellion Grandparents, Dr Richard Sharp said: “This Christmas why not make a pledge to the children in your life to try to do one or two – or even more – things that could help to make a difference?

“We are inviting people to choose a Christmas card, have a think, make a pledge – and enjoy one of our mince pies while they are doing so.”

The cards have been designed by friends and grandchildren are free to participants, politicians, and decision makers, joining organisations working towards reducing the impact on the planet and making changes to current lifestyles.

Participants will have the option to sign one extra-large Christmas card to MP John Glen asking him to become a good ancestor.

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Dr Sharp said: “Time is running out. We must now step up to provide our children and all future generations of our families with a sustainable environment in which to live, grow and flourish. It’s time for us to think about what we can do to avoid catastrophe, and what we must do to be remembered by future generations as the Good Ancestor.”

The Good Ancestor Santa Action event will take place on the High Street in Salisbury on Saturday November 25 between 10am and noon.