I too was held up in the Central Car Park debacle last week, but rather than the council putting up illuminated signs frightening visitors away by warning people they may not be able to park there, surely a more positive message telling them where they could park is what’s needed?

Couldn’t these new signs be tied into the existing system that shows spaces available in the main car parks?

I’m disappointed that such little thought is being given to shopper parking for the festive season.

It should be no surprise to even the most dim-witted, that now Avon Approach has been opened to through traffic, so there are more entrances to the car park than exits, that gridlock could happen at busy times (as it did).

Ideally, it should be the opposite - the one-way traffic flow on Avon Approach should be changed to the opposite direction – but I suppose Iceland and the Medical Centre would moan about having to fight their way through the car park to get there, so I can’t see that happening.

At the very least, Avon Way should be blocked again to all but emergency vehicles at the point it always used to be.

To really make a difference, I would suggest making the other entrances and exits to the car park one way.

The only entrance should be from Fisherton Street, Summerlock Approach should be one way towards the car park, and the only exit from the car park should be towards Waitrose, making that one way would remove the need for lights outside the contractor’s office which currently cause a major hold up to the flow of traffic.

John Bruce

Heath Road


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