My wife and I, both Jewish, were shocked and dismayed by the inflammatory letter from B. Cohen  in last week’s Journal.

To advocate a ceasefire in the Hamas-Israel war is one thing but for B. Cohen, to accuse Israel of genocide and ethic cleansing reveals a depth of ignorance which is unforgivable and gives grist to Hamas and other terrorist groups whose expressed aim is to destroy the State of Israel.

Read Hamas’ charter, B. Cohen.  Words like “genocide” are used in a free and easy way to demonise actions, even self-defence, that are deemed unacceptable.

The reality is genocide is the destruction or attempted annihilation of a whole ethic group, something the Jewish people, Armenians and Rwandans have faced, not B. Cohen.

Abusing language does not further the cause of those opposed to Israel’s action in this regrettable war, one that was not instigated by Israel.

Jewish antisemitism, yes it does exist, is reprehensible because those people who support the enemies of the Jewish people delude themselves into thinking they are safe from persecution.

Peter and Yve Beyfus


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