OUR Camera Club members have shared photos showing what they are thankful for.

This broad theme for November encouraged creativity within the Salisbury Journal Camera Club, and this month saw scores of unique photographs from cute pets to beloved family members.

It's never easy to choose which photos to feature, and while we can only share 14 of these fantastic photos with you here, if you would like to see more, you can head over to the Salisbury Journal Camera Club on Facebook.

By joining the group, you can view what members have to offer and even share your own snaps, with a chance to be featured in the Journal.

Salisbury Journal Camera Club share photos for November

1. CoolZing Photography is thankful for 'surreal vibrant colours lighting up the forest path'

2. Simon Peter Millard is thankful for ' living in our beautiful city'

3. Carol Byrne is thankful for the gorgeous view of the Cathedral from her house

4. Wesley Bartlett loves it when he is 'allowed' to take photos of his teenage son

5. Mark Clemas is thankful for our heroes that will never be forgotten

6. Jacky Chambers is grateful for her granddaughter

7. Claire Sheppard is thankful for the sunrises in the New Forest

8. Rich Safe is thankful for this New Forest sunset

9. Tracey Crowley is thankful for the beautiful nature in the New Forest

10. Samantha Watts is thankful for 'Family, nature and time combining the two'

11. Tracey Crowley is thankful for the times she gets to walk her dogs in the sunshine

12. Hang Ross is thankful for the autumn walks at Stourhead