A BARRISTER who gave magistrates a Nazi salute following a court trial in Salisbury has been reprimanded.

Thomas Davidson, a self-employed barrister of Middle Temple, was found to have behaved in a "seriously offensive and discreditable" manner by the Bar Standards Board on November 21.

The chair of a bench of three lay magistrates at Salisbury Magistrates Court on February 7, 2022, raised an issue with Davidson's "inappropriate" use of a German accent during a trial.

In response to this, Davidson looked at the bench and said "Jawohl" while raising his hand in a Nazi salute. This word, meaning 'yes indeed', originates in the military where German soldiers used it to address higher-up officers.

This behaviour was likely to diminish the trust and confidence that the public places in Davidson or his profession, according to the board.

Davidson, who was called to the Bar in July 1973, was reprimanded and fined £250. He must also pay £1,750 in costs.

Davidson is a member of 160 Fleet Street Chambers which was unaware of his conduct until contacted by the Journal.

The chamber gave no comment on the tribunal decision.

Davidson sat as a fee-paid immigration judge between 1992 and 2016, lectured commercial law for more than 20 years and now specialises in criminal advocacy. He also previously worked as part of the CPS as a Crown Prosecutor.