Historical documents recording Salisbury Scouts twinning to St Germain, France in 1946 have been presented to the district commissioner of the scouts for safe keeping.

Henri Marshall from St Germain, France, was invited to lunch with Salisbury Rotary Club to present the historic documents. 

Salisbury Journal: Henri Marshall presents historic documents to Ian JackHenri Marshall presents historic documents to Ian Jack (Image: Salisbury Rotary Club)District Commissioner at the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Scouts, Ian Jack said: "Henri presented the Livre D’Or and other historic documents and photographs celebrating Salisbury Scouts twinning visit to St Germain  in 1946.

"The historic documents will be kept in the safe keeping of the Scouting Association and be available as a historic record of post war scouting activities in Salisbury.

"The documents consist of a photograph album, a scrap book produced by the individual Scout Groups in Salisbury District which could best be described as a district scouting almanac, and a reel of 16mm cine film, which as yet, we have no idea what it contains."

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The documents will provide those in the scout organisations today today a glimpse into the history of the organisation and the almanac contains a description of the Grose Trophy competition - won by 1st Downton Scouts in 1945) which is still run on an annual basis and the original trophy is still presented to the winners.