A CAMPAIGN group has invested in a thermal imaging camera in a drive to help Salisbury residents identify heat loss in their homes and to be able to plug the cold gaps. 

The thermal imaging camera is about the size of a mobile phone and detects heat. Having an image of the property helps people to prioritise what steps to take, where to hang curtains, place a draught excluder or to identify which door needs sealing.

Salisbury Journal: EcoHubEcoHub (Image: EcoHub)

With the cost-of-living crisis, this could keep people warmer and save money. 

Salisbury Mayor, Councillor Atiqul Hoque expressed his commitment to waste management and environmental education and signed up. 

He said: “I applaud what you are doing and as of today, I am a member. ”

Salisbury Journal: Thermal imagingThermal imaging (Image: Photo Agency)

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EcoHub became a charity this summer and has expressed the next step for them will be to find a permanent home in the city which could be an empty shop.

Within its new charity status, the newly elected trustees are determined to make a difference to the residents of the city. The General Meeting recently also enabled 'an opportunity for cross-fertilisation' where attendees could discuss current projects. 

For more information about the charity or the thermal imaging camera, email salisburyecohub@gmail.com or visit the website salisburyecohuballiance.org.uk