Dear Journal,

I was surprised that no one in last week's Journal had mentioned the widely publicised meeting that our erstwhile MP John Glen had with an elite group of Tory students at Cambridge University on the 26th October. 

During that recorded meeting Mr Glen stated that the current triple lock on the state pension was unsustainable and would have to be changed (despite this country having one of the lowest state pensions in Europe).  He then went on to say that future Tory policy might include the means testing of the pensioners' winter fuel allowance, his reasoning being that his mother had told him that she did not need hers. 

It is a matter of record that Mr Glen comes from a wealthy family and like most Tory MPs was privately educated, so his mother is presumably well off and may indeed not need her pensioners' winter fuel allowance, however, I was not aware that Mr Glen's mother was now responsible for setting Tory Government Pensioner assistance policy. 

Perhaps Mr Glen may well wish to expand on this new change in policy and also, explain why he continued to support the disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnston, despite the fact that nearly all Johnson's other ministers had resigned in disgust at their leader’s criminality and lack of a moral compass.

Mr Glen stayed on in office until the day before Johnston resigned, presumably, because he had no issues with his master’s complete lack of scruples and morals.   

Surely this area deserves an MP with backbone and an understanding of decency and doing the right thing not just pursuing a failed political ideology which the Tory party now espouses? There will almost certainly be a national parliamentary election next year and as we have seen in recent byelections even the largest Tory majorities can be overturned by a country desperate to see the back of Tory misrule. 

I would suggest that the most likely party to oust Mr Glen would be the Liberal Democrats, however, they must resist the temptation of woke candidate selection and this time choose a candidate who is a recognised local politician rather than an unknown parachuted in by Lib Dem HQ. 

There are several well-known local Lib Dems and any of them could ride the tide of change to finally oust Mr Glen and his deeply unpopular party.  If the late much loved Robert Key was still our MP then I doubt he could have been unseated, but, Mr Glen is all about climbing the slippery pole of Government and not looking after local issues, I would suggest the time has come for national and local change and he has to go. 

Chris Devine