THESE four people have been sentenced for criminal offences they committed in Salisbury.

Saverio Rizzelo, 73, of Festival Avenue, was found guilty of stalking Mia Cable between August 20, 2022 and October 25, 2022, in Salisbury.

During this time, Rizzelo followed the victim and sat outside her place of work in his car.

At a hearing in Salisbury Magistrates Court on November 30, a one-year restraining order was imposed on Rizzelo, preventing him from contacting Mia Cable.

Rizzelo was ordered to complete 15 rehabilitation days, pay £150 compensation, a £100 fine and £614 in costs.

Jake Edmunds, 23, of Westfield Crescent in Yeovil, pleaded guilty at a Salisbury Magistrates hearing on December 1 to possessing a significant amount of cannabis.

Police officers were notified that the vehicle Edmunds was sitting in had been involved in suspicious activity and possible drug dealing in Salisbury on January 28.

When the officers approached the car, Edmunds exited it and attempted to escape but was quickly caught.

He smelled strongly of cannabis and upon searching him, officers found a total of 31.4g of the drug in snap bags and he was subsequently arrested.

Robert Salame, prosecuting, said Edmunds had previous drug-related convictions at his recent offence was aggravated by the "significant quantity of cannabis found".

Edmunds was sentenced to a 12-month community order during which he must complete 80 hours of unpaid work, 25 RAR days and 12 mental health rehabilitation days.

Magistrates ordered for the drugs to be forfeited and destroyed and Edmunds must pay £85 costs and a £114 surcharge.

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Barry Middleton, 45, of John Baker House, pleaded guilty to one charge of assaulting Cameron Mackay in Market Square on May 8.

Middleton was handed a one-year community order at Salisbury Magistrates Court on November 30.

During this time he must complete six months of alcohol treatment, 12 days of mental health treatment with a psychologist and 20 RAR days.

He was also fined £80 and ordered to pay Mr Mackay £75 compensation.

Sharnna Marie Bird, 32, of no fixed address, failed to attend planned office visits on October 12, November 3, and November 6 after she was released from prison.

Bird was sentenced to six months in prison by Swindon Magistrates Court on November 2, 2022, but admitted to breaching her post-sentence supervision at Salisbury Magistrates Court on November 30.

The day before, November 29, Bird was caught stealing £167.50 worth of alcohol belonging to Sainsbury's.

Magistrates sentenced Bird, who the court said has a "flagrant disregard for court orders", to 14 days in prison as the offences were so serious that only a custodial sentence could be justified.