A 30 minute peace vigil is to take place in the city centre this month giving people the chance to reflect on the complexities and horrors of war.

The Salisbury Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament along with Sarum Concern for Israel and Palestine will hold a candlelit vigil. 

This will be the third Gaza Ceasefire event and the aim is to provide a safe and neutral place for residents to come together to be in solidarity with those in the Middle East and to hope for peace. 

Salisbury Journal: Peace vigilPeace vigil (Image: Carry Gloyns)Read more: New shop in the city centre to help older people with advice and support

Salisbury resident, Carry Gloyns, 75, said: "This will be our third vigil. The second happened with quite short notice but we had about 40 people. I just want people to have an opportunity to have a place in their hearts and a quiet space.

Carry said: "I am from a Quaker background but this is for everyone. I think people are becoming more aware of what is happening and the background but the vigil is just about people finding their way and to have peace."

The event will take place outside of the Salisbury Library on Saturday, December 16 from 4.15pm to 4.45pm and all are welcome to attend and participate.