A DRIVER climbed out of his submerged car after getting stuck in a flooded New Forest ford.

Ringwood firefighters in full water rescue gear rushed to Forest Road, off Burley Road, on Thursday afternoon, December 7, after reports of a stuck car with fears someone may still be trapped inside.

The Mercedes-Benz driver, who did not want to be named, was found safe but said he had climbed out of the rear passenger door to escape and got soaked in the process.

Admitting he got through the flood in the morning with no issues, the Harrogate man was visiting his father who lives locally but when he returned to his car the water level had risen significantly.

He said: "I got through all right this morning but I hadn’t realised how deep it was when I came back."

Salisbury Journal: Heavy rain during the day caused the river level to rise.Heavy rain during the day caused the river level to rise. (Image: Simon Rowley)

Firefighters put tape across the road to stop any other motorists trying to cross the water splash that has been the scene of numerous similar occurrences.

The ambulance service was on stand-by but further assistance was cancelled after the fire crew found the man and checked the surrounding area.