A MAN convicted of harassment turned up drunk at his ex-girlfriend's home before calling her 22 times, a court heard.

Jordan Young, 30, of Short Street in Ludgershall, turned up unannounced banging on the door of his ex-girlfriend's flat at 9pm on June 5, six days after she told him to stay away.

The victim's hands were "shaking uncontrollably" as she answered the door to find a visibly drunk Young swaying from side to side.

A short six-minute-long interaction resulted in Young leaving the flat but he then called her mobile phone 22 times in 50 minutes.

The victim asked her father to come round and he eventually answered Young's call and told him to leave her alone.

In a statement read to Salisbury Magistrates Court on Friday, December 8, she said: "It has made me feel nervous and scared because he can be unpredictable and unhinged at times, exacerbated by alcohol."

She added that she no longer feels safe in her own home, adding: "It should be my place of sanctuary."

The court heard how the victim had to flee her home on two previous occasions due to Young’s actions.

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It was discovered during the hearing that a restraining order for the mother of Young's son had been imposed on Young at a separate court appearance on October 12, after the incident involving the victim. 

The self-employed civil engineer, representing himself, told the court: "I went through a terrible time and had a terrible mental breakdown.

"I could not be more sorry for it and I will hold my hand up to it."

Young has previous convictions of battery, possession of cannabis and harassment and was serving a community order when magistrates sentenced him.

An 18-month restraining order was imposed to protect the victim and Young was ordered to complete 70 hours of unpaid work and pay £199 in fines and costs.