PUPILS at a primary school in Salisbury have been learning about the most trafficked animal in the world and they have decided to start a fundraiser to try and help them. 

Kingfisher class at Dinton CE Primary School learnt all about Pangolins - a sweet, slow creatures, native to Asia and Africa.

Teacher Rosie Boyagis said: "Sadly, they are the most trafficked animal in the world. Every year, thousands are hunted for their meat and scales.

Salisbury Journal: Dinton CE School Kingfishers

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"Touched by their plea, the children of Kingfishers class have taken it upon themselves to raise money in an effort to save these wonderful animals. 

“Millions upon millions of pangolins have been lost to this crisis. We are running out of time to save them.”

Fauna and Flora is a charity that works to support rangers and save endangered animals like Pangolins. 

The children have made posters and delivered an assembly to the rest of the school; sharing their expert knowledge.

Salisbury Journal: Dinton CE School Kingfishers

With the help of their teacher, Miss Boyagis and teaching assistant, Mrs Southern, the children have also organised a cake sale.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, some of the children have also taken part in a 7.5-mile sponsored walk between Dinton and Wilton. 

So far, these admirable efforts have raised over £1,100.