Santa may be known for most commonly using a sleigh with reindeer as his favourite mode of transportation, but it’s not his only mode of travel.

Father Christmas is also known for riding a donkey named Dominick in Italy, according to the famous song by Lou Monte, and a display in Alvin, Texas once depicted Santa riding a turkey (though this may have been to save money on decorations after American Thanksgiving).

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But on Monday, December 18, Santa left the reindeer, donkeys, turkeys and parade floats at home for a new method of transport, arriving at Woodford Valley CE Primary Academy by camel.

The two camels, named Luna and Zeus, belong to Lady Chichester and also helped the man in red carry gifts for the pupils.

Headteacher Rebecca Carson said everyone enjoyed the event, which included a round of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Rebecca said: “A fantastic opportunity for all of us and something we will never forget.”