Salisbury is to be bit with heavy rain and strong winds as Storm Gerrit sweeps across the country. 

The Met Office has issued an alert for wind all along the south coast which will be in place from 3am to 6pm. 

It does not cover the Salisbury area, but the city is forecast for strong wind and heavy rain on Wednesday, December 27.

It means bus, rail and ferry services could be delayed and journeys by road could take longer. Power cuts are also possible.

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Salisbury Journal: Temperatures will remain mild for the time of year, with highs of 12C in Salisbury.

The wind gusts will hit a high of 45mph at approximately midday, according to the latest Met Office forecast. 

It is set to die down but will not fall below 30mph. Overnight, the wind gusts will rise to approximately 41mph. 

Heavy rain is forecast between 1pm and 3pm. More showers are forecast on Thursday, December 28. 

The full Met Office forecast for the South East reads: "Damp and cloudy during the morning with patchy rain or drizzle.

"Winds becoming strong, especially towards the coast and across Kent. Areas of rain spreading east in the afternoon, accompanied by further blustery conditions. Maximum temperature 13 °C.

"Rain clearing early evening with some good clear periods developing. Patchy cloud and scattered showers moving across the area through the small hours of Thursday morning. Windy throughout. Minimum temperature 10 °C."