THE nine-week premature birth of a Christmas baby at Salisbury District Hospital came as an "absolute shock" to her parents.

Charlotte Jewell was told she'd be going in for an emergency c-section while at the hospital for a growth scan of baby Payton Delilah King-Jewell on Christmas Eve.

Husband Dennis King said the pair, both 33, were shocked and unprepared as they were expecting their daughter to arrive on February 24, 2024.

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Miss Jewell was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, December 20, as there were concerns that Payton was not growing.

It transpired that her blood pressure was "sky high" and she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and admitted to the labour ward for close monitoring.

Weighing just 2.12lb, Payton arrived at 11.04am and was the smallest baby born in Salisbury on Christmas Day.

Salisbury Journal: Payton Delilah King-Jewell.Payton Delilah King-Jewell. (Image: Dennis King)

Mr King told the Journal that there was a "short blip" where Payton had to be transferred to Princess Anne Hospital but she's back in Salisbury now and "doing great".

"It was a complete shock, we weren't ready. We were going to go out and get everything this month but it's a bit late for that now," he added.

Payton won't be released from the hospital until her due date and the couple said they are still getting used to how small their daughter is.

"It’s a bit hard to find clothes to fit her at the moment," Mr King said.