A CITY councillor has denied harassing his ex-girlfriend at their place of work over the course of a year. 

Mark Mewse, 63, of Crane Lodge, is accused of harassing a woman between September 2022 and July 2023.

He pleaded not guilty today (Friday, January 5) at Salisbury Magistrates' Court during his first hearing. 

The couple were in a relationship for around nine months before it ended. 

The conservative Salisbury City Councillor, for the St Francis and Stratford ward, then allegedly made repeated unwanted face-to-face contact with his ex, left her gifts and contacted her at their shared place of work.

He allegedly tried to leave his former partner flowers at their place of work - the Salisbury Reds bus depot - and her address, as well as attempting to board buses he knew she was driving to give her flowers while she was working. 

Salisbury Journal: Salisbury City councillor Mark Mewse.Salisbury City councillor Mark Mewse. (Image: Salisbury City Council)

A trial date has been set for March 27 in Salisbury. He has been released on conditional bail until then, and must not make contact of any kind with the alleged victim, or visit her address or the bus depot. 

Salisbury City Council was contacted about the case.