Another road in Salisbury has been forced to close due to flooding. 

Photographs sent in by Warwick Stanton show fields in Ford completely submerged in water

Ford Road has been closed due to the standing water and is impassable to cars and pedestrians. 

It comes after the River Avon burst its banks at the weekend, submerging the surrounding villages, flooding car parks, and homes.

The river burst its banks in the River Park area on Saturday (January 6), despite recent flood defence work as part of the multi-million-pound project.

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Salisbury Journal:

Residents in Ashley Road were worse affected with six homes flooding, forcing residents to evacuate. 

Salisbury city councillors, Paul Sample and Sam Charleston are asking the Environment Agency to attend the next council meeting for answers on what has gone wrong.

Cllr Charleston, who was at the site helping residents, said: "This has been awful but what has been really lovely is how the community has pulled together. The council opened its depot and residents have been wheelbarrowing sandbags. It's been a fantastic community effort to get everyone the help they need.

"There has been a lot of talk and anger about the River Park project works but this project will prevent events like these from happening once it is finished. River Park will do its job."

Milford Mill Road, leading to Petersfinger, was also closed shortly after 1pm on Sunday after the heavy rain.