NUMEROUS homes in Britford have flooded, forcing community action, while a nearby section of the River Avon reached a record height.

The village just outside of Salisbury is a flooding hotspot but residents said this year has been the worst they have seen in more than 40 years.

The Journal understands water entered eight houses and at least one had to be evacuated due to intense flooding.

David and Peggy Knight's house flooded for the first time in 28 years on Friday morning, January 5.

The couple came downstairs to find water pouring into their house, a problem which only worsened over the weekend as the river level rose to a record 141cm at Harnham Bridge on Sunday, January 7.

Salisbury Journal: Homes in Britford have been battered by floodwater.Homes in Britford have been battered by floodwater. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Mr Knight said his first reaction was shock and he knew he had to get his pumps out "immediately".

"The pumps kept it down but as a couple of days went by it just got worse. We all sighed with relief as the water table was going down on Saturday but it went up again the next day," he added.

Thankful for the "wonderful" Britford community, Mr Knight said around 20 people helped him and his wife but the pair still had centimetres of water in their house and no electricity on Monday, January 8.

Brian Wheeler, 86, a former dredging company boss, thinks the fact that the Environment Agency stopped the practice has contributed to flooding in Britford.

He said: "I'm a believer in maintaining things properly. Regrettably, things don't get done if they don't need to do it."

Salisbury Journal: Brian Wheeler installed flood defences to protect his porch.Brian Wheeler installed flood defences to protect his porch. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Despite living in the village for two decades, Mr Wheeler said he has never seen it flood as bad as it has this month.

Feeling "quite prepared", Mr Wheeler has separated the electricity supplying his porch as a precautionary measure and plans to build a flood wall to protect his house before the next inevitable flood.

Gillian Mouland, 75, has lived in Britford since she was a child and her husband David built their elevated house on Church Lane in 1966. She said: "We have never seen anything like it. We're not taking the car out, the last time we left the house was Friday."

Luckily Mrs Mouland has stocked up on food and supplies but her sons live nearby and would be able to help in an emergency.

Her concern lies with the Navigation section of the River Avon which has become clogged with reeds.

"You can't even see the river but they won't do anything about it. Years ago it never flooded like this. I think it's because they are not allowed to clean the rivers. If you can't cut the reeds, everything builds up," she said.

Chairman of Britford Parish Council Derek Finnis, 81, claimed eight houses were flooded at the weekend which is almost quadruple the number of households that were affected last January.

Salisbury Journal: Derek Finnis said the village community has been brought together more than in previous years.Derek Finnis said the village community has been brought together more than in previous years. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Since then, Nat Cole has been appointed as the village's flood warden and he has helped set up sandbag defences, clear drains and organise water pumps.

"Nat Cole has been working tirelessly. The village is very grateful for all he has done because he has made a heck of a difference," Mr Finnis said.