ALLOTMENT owners are having to come to terms with the results of their hard labour lying beneath inches of water. 

The allotments located in Cold Harbour Lane were flooded on Saturday, January 6  when water from the River Avon flowed into the site and then into gardens and properties on Ashley Road. 

Salisbury Journal: Maggie Crowther at the ruined allotmentsMaggie Crowther at the ruined allotments (Image: Newsquest)

Maggie Crowther who has had an allotment at the site for more than two years said: "Words fail me. Everything that is in the ground is now frozen, but it's ruined. Since they (River Park Project) started the work, it has been flooded. 

"The ground hasn't drained for the last six months. It just sits there until the ground water level goes down."

Salisbury Journal: The allotmentsThe allotments (Image: Newsquest)Read more: Drone shows pictures of river floods

Her allotment now has the broken remains of the neighbours raised beds and bags of compost have disappeared. 

Maggie said: "I know people who won't want to eat the produce after it has had river water over it and possibly, debris from the Recreation Groundwork. I put in asparagus plants and they are expensive. 

"If the water goes down quickly, maybe some produce might be alright but it won't as it is now frozen. I came down Saturday morning and it was just puddles on the allotment. I did manage to get my Brussels sprouts out at least."

Following Maggie's visit on Saturday morning, the scene changed dramatically and all the allotments sit in inches of water which has now turned to ice.