A BUSY "rat run" has been closed by police due to flooding but cones blocking the entrance have been moved and homeowners are concerned about drivers' lack of care.

Milford Mill Road has seen a flooding problem through winter with many drivers road raging at a junction near the river.

Wiltshire Police installed signage to inform people that the road was closed and to seek alternative routes but the cones have been moved and residents say the road is seeing an influx in through traffic.

Will Horbury said he is worried about drivers' lack of caution as he has seen some going down Milford Mill Road through floodwater at "40 to 50 miles per hour".

Mr Horbury downsized and moved into the house one year ago, he said: "We saw the road and the estate agent said it's very quiet. I didn't know it was such a rat run."

Salisbury Journal: Will Horbury is concerned about drivers' lack of care.Will Horbury is concerned about drivers' lack of care. (Image: Newsquest)

Floodwater has battered the foundations of Mr Horbury's fence as drivers splash along Milford Mill Road so much so that it must be replaced.

Admitting he was "astonished" to see the whole road flooded, Mr Horbury said: "The reason this is flooded is that the drain has not been sorted. In a sense what we have here is a manmade problem because the maintenance has not been carried out correctly.

"There has never been any problems with insurance and it was deemed ok but it's difficult to know what the ramifications are."

Water flowed from the River Bourne into Jenny and Lawrence Browne's back garden but their priority was making sure it didn't enter the house.

Salisbury Journal: Jenny and Lawrence Browne's garden had flooded.Jenny and Lawrence Browne's garden had flooded. (Image: Newsquest)

The couple were one of the first to move into Milford Park and have lived there for more than 40 years, during which they had seen the area flood as badly just once.

Most of the floodwater had receded to the river on Monday, January 8, and Mr Horbury is hopeful the blocked drain will be cleared within one week.