INTERNATIONAL Women's Day will be marked by a concert celebrating extraordinary women through original song as songwriter and performer Louise Jordan takes to the stage. 

Louise has toured across Europe and the UK since 2010 but now dedicates her time to researching and revealing hidden women's stories through song. 

Salisbury Journal: Performer Louise JordanPerformer Louise Jordan (Image: Wiltshire Creative)

Louise said: “I’ve had the great pleasure of researching the lives of inspirational women and turning their remarkable stories into song.

"In 2015 my determination to learn more about women’s experiences of the First World War during its centenary led to my discovery of a cast of incredible women including mathematician and inventor Hertha Ayrton, spy Louise de Bettignies and author Dorothy Lawrence who dressed as a soldier to report from the Western Front."

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Louise will also share stories from her twelve years of touring as a solo artist.

Louise added: "Since creating the production No Petticoats Here about these extraordinary women of the First World War, I have created three further solo productions which have taken me across the UK and I am passionate about placing a spotlight on often hidden stories of women who blazed a trail for others to follow.

"I’ve often imagined meetings between these women. This concert for International Women’s Day 2024 will weave their stories together and celebrate their many achievements.”

The concert will take place at Salisbury Arts Centre on Friday, March 8 at 7.30pm to mark International Women’s Day 2024.

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